Today, we’re excited to share Ref Studios with the world.

The idea for Ref Studios was conceived by our team’s collective love for music and brought to life through a surprising coincidence. We had the pleasure of meeting Mei, our first musical guest, when he wandered into our store one day as one of his songs was playing.

After this happy accident, we knew Ref Studios was destined to be more than just an idea. We felt inspired to give emerging artists a platform to showcase their music while focusing on the authenticity of their sound.

Mei, formerly known as Brandt Orange, is a Chinese-American singer, songwriter, and producer based in Los Angeles. We were thrilled to invite him to perform a mini concert for our team.

Watch Mei perform 3 soulful songs at our store below  two of which are from his debut album Supernova.

Damn Mountains - Mei


Frankenstein - Mei


Rudimental - Mei

We’re so happy to finally be able to share this new project with everyone!

We'd like to thank Mei, Hector, Enzo, Adam, Daniel, Donald, Max, and the entire Mod Ref team for making this first series of Ref Studios possible.

Stay tuned for more!

Shop their Common Market outfits:
Mei (vocal): The Rabbie Sweater, The Elias Top, The Terra Pants
Enzo (guitar): The Keaton Shirt, The Ethan Pants
Adam (drums): The Sloan Jumpsuit

To hear more from Mei, here’s where to find him: