We believe in strong morals that come from family, and that family extends to our partnerships. We know that the invisible stories of individuals woven in the "Made in" labels are important. We are committed to ethical business practices and values relationships with those we work with.

Our partnerships with our factories range all over the world. 60% of our production is handled in China, Guangzhou, 30% in Vietnam & Bangladesh, and 10% of our production remaining in the US, right here in Los Angeles!

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about where products are produced and the conditions in which they are created. With that, we want to address the misconception that "Made In China" inevitably translate to poor work conditions and/or inferior product. China is no longer considered the world's 'cheap factory', as the country as a whole has moved up the value chain  the people along with it. We want to shed light on a new generation of certified factories that provide fair pay, reasonable hours, and quality conditions.