A place we call home.

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When building out our store, we wanted to stray away from the norms of busy racks and displays. Rather than sensory overload, you're greeted with a sense of calmness and space — quickly providing a unique shopping experience that embodies the Mod Ref vision.

We are standing tall amid ROW DTLA, a haven for brands that exist to embrace the idea of timelessness and slow living. Mod Ref's core values rely heavily on the notion of Respect, Equality, and Freedom, treating every single customer to the best of our ability. We chose ROW DTLA because it aligned perfectly with the brand's goals — As we move towards a more sustainable role in the fashion world. Originally built between 1917 to 1928, ROW DTLA was formerly know as The Los Angeles Terminal Market and served as as hub for produce growers. This area was one of the largest wholesale terminals in the world, bringing an energy that never feels outdated or out of place.

Inspired by European architecture, we drew inspiration from locations such as Greece and Italy — with large windows that drown the store with natural light, a wide open-floor space with the ability to roam comfortably, and the high ceilings grant a sense of freedom. Every element was carefully curated and to bring the Mod Ref brand DNA to life. 

With an elegant mix of natural tones and man-made materials, we were deliberate with our store choices. We choose to repurpose vintage furniture and shed light on a timeless design. Our furniture choices showcase are inspirations —with a dynamic scheme of colors that represent our clothing styles and colors we choose to implement to a store.

The store was a way to bring the Mod Ref vision to life, and seeing it coming to fruition is a beautiful sight to see. As we venture into new endeavors, we couldn't do it without the lifeblood of our business. The community that we've built around ourselves sheds light that as long as you invest in others — they will invest in you.

Keep Going, Keep growing