Meet Eunice and her mom!

They’re helping us celebrate Mother’s Day this year by sharing a few words about themselves and their love for fashion. We had so much fun getting to know Eunice and her mom through this experience and loved seeing them represent the timelessness behind MOD REF.

We really appreciate how much love and support you and your mom always show us. What is it about MOD REF that resonates with you two so much?

The reason why we love MOD REF so much is very simple. The owner, the staff, everyone associated are so kind. They’re not afraid to build relationships and connect with their customers. We love that MOD REF creates quality pieces that not only make us look good but also feel good. When we wear MOD REF we get so many compliments!

Is clothing and fashion something you two have always bonded over or enjoyed together?

Absolutely! My love for clothing and fashion have been heavily influenced by my mom. She’s the one who lets me know when the Zara sale starts and I tell her when the MOD REF sample sale starts!

Is there any fashion advice that you learned from your mom? Or vice versa?

One fashion advice that I’ve learned from my mom is never be afraid of a statement piece!

Who borrows clothes from the other person's closet more?

I would say that my mom definitely borrows more clothes from my closet… but I borrow her handbags and shoes all the time  it’s a win win.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and other important mother figures out there. Thank you for everything you do  from supporting us during all of our big and small moments to something as simple as sharing fashion advice. We love you, we cherish you!

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