While it is easy to fall into consumer culture and fast fashion, there is a refreshing movement that is taking over the industry: minimalist style. Minimalist fashion forgoes trends for timeless pieces that are both socially and environmentally ethical. 

Fast fashion has been sighted as one of the largest polluters globally. The average consumer wears only about 20% of their closet and the United States sends textiles to the landfill at a rate of 21 billion pounds per year, and much of those textiles can take upwards of 200 years to decompose. 

Minimalist brands are forward looking. By curating an ethically produced wardrobe with timeless style, we want to break the cycle of fast fashion and reduce the impact we have on the environment. Minimalist style is having the most functional wardrobe. Instead of buying, purging, and constantly rebuilding your closet, you will have long lasting pieces for every occasion.